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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Moms Who Use Cannabis: How to do it Responsibly

Across the board, cannabis use is slowly being destigmatized. More states have some kind of legal cannabis acceptance than states that don’t. In fact, 15 states and counting have now become fully legal for adult-use cannabis. With that being said, the number of moms that use cannabis is naturally growing.

Cannabis use and motherhood may sound like contradictory terms, but when you consider all the therapeutic value that cannabis can provide, contradictions fall away. From helping soothe everyday stress to helping you sleep, cannabis helps to target some of those everyday problems that most mothers face. Some cannabis strains at lower doses can even bring out your creative side or help you focus. But, the question most mothers have is, “How can moms who use cannabis do it responsibly?”

Here, we’ll take a look at just how many mothers use cannabis, and a few pointers to help you use cannabis as a mother in a way that is perfectly safe for you and your kids.

How Many Moms Use Cannabis?

More women than men actually use cannabis on a daily basis, according to one survey. Even more noteworthy, one in five of the survey respondents were actually parents. Therefore, it is safe to assume that a lot of moms do use cannabis on a regular basis.

For many moms, occasional cannabis use or cannabis product use is much more preferred over alternative ways to relax. For example, another may prefer a few tokes of cannabis over a glass of wine or anti-anxiety medication. Many moms also opt for cannabis over something like an opiate painkiller to curb physical discomfort, whether it is a migraine or back pain.

Get Familiar with Your Dosage Needs

The number one rule of responsible cannabis use is to get to know what dose works for you and what you want to achieve. Just as it is with alcohol, every individual can have their own tolerance levels. You obviously want to achieve desirable effects without being locked to the couch.

It is best to experiment a bit on a day when you are not directly responsible for childcare. For reference, one joint can deliver anywhere from 60 to 150mg of THC if you smoke the entire thing. You can find some strains that are going to deliver lower amounts of THC as well. We love these herbal spliffs from Barbari. At a low 1.8% THC they offer a mellow experience, with a unique herbal taste. Take some time to get to know what works for you, including which strains offer the most desirable effects without leaving you so intoxicated that you would not want to be around your children.

Experiment with Different Forms of Cannabis

Smoking cannabis is familiar and delivers quick effects. However, moms who use cannabis often would prefer to keep things on the DL, and don’t want a lingering smell. You do have a lot of other options to consider, such as:

  • Vape Cartridges & Concentrates, which deliver fast effects and do not cause a noteworthy smell
  • Edibles, which are easier to consume inconspicuously, and can be more precise in their dosages 

All forms of cannabis consumption can yield slightly different effects. For example, an edible may take longer to kick in, possibly an hour or longer, and the effects can feel a little more intense. For this reason, it is good to do some experimenting with different forms of cannabis at a time when you are not with your children. Doing so will allow you to gauge what you could use in the future and what effects you will likely have.

Quick Safety Rules for Moms Who Use Cannabis

Most of these rules will obviously go without saying—after all, mothers have a natural instinct to do what’s best for their kids. Certain parental situations and cannabis simply don’t mix, as you probably already know. But, just in case, here are a few reminders:

  • Never use cannabis before driving
  • Avoid cannabis use if you are supervising anything risky (e.g. swimming in the pool, park outings, etc.)
  • Don’t use cannabis while caring for small children all alone
  • Keep all cannabis products locked away safely where children won’t have access

In general, responsible moms who use cannabis will always make the best decisions for the sake of their children. That may mean only using cannabis when a sober co-parent or friend is around to help you watch the kids. Maybe you will only microdose cannabis periodically to keep you less stressed. You may even opt for using cannabis before you sleep at night after the kids are off to bed or even when you have some time to yourself to help you unwind.

Moms Who Use Cannabis Should Always Trust a Reputable Dispensary

Contrary to what inexperienced people may expect, cannabis dispensaries are not filled with shady characters, hippies, or young folks. Other mothers, just like you, are some of the most common dispensary guests. In reality, trusting a dispensary where you have a budtender to help you pick the best products is always the best decision.

If you’re a mom looking for the therapeutic qualities of weed and a reliable dispensary to help you along, stop and see us at Moss Crossing. Remember, Moss Crossing offers pickup and delivery for added convenience. We’re a mom-friendly cannabis dispensary with tons of knowledge and good weed to share!

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