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Best Hikes in Eugene to Pair with THC Edibles

Something about THC and nature seems just to go hand in hand. Maybe it’s the relaxation of cannabis and the serenity of the outdoors. Perhaps it is the fact that both the plant and the natural path are served up by the planet. In any case, if you want to get a good experience after consuming THC edibles, Eugene has a lot to offer when it comes to natural beauty.

Oregon is profoundly known for its natural wonders, and the locals have worked tirelessly to maintain some of the more majestic points of nature in the country. In fact, you can find several hiking trails and natural areas that will have you feeling enthralled and right at home during your next adventure outside.

The Top 3 Best Hikes in Eugene to Pair with THC Edibles

From parks with mile after mile of walking trails to duck ponds and summit-top views of the city, Eugene has a lot of places to explore. We’ve pulled together the top three favorite spots for a visit with THC edibles to make the adventure even more enjoyable.

Mount Pisgah

If you are looking for the most incredible views to enjoy, Mount Pisgah is hands-down the best option near Eugene. Mount Pisgah actually sits just a few miles east of downtown Eugene. The summit at the top of the hills is pretty impressive—it actually gives you a complete panoramic view of the southern part of the Willamette Valley. From the top, you can actually see the full topography of the land.

If you want to make it all the way to the summit, you have about a 1.4-mile trek from the parking area, and the ascent is relatively steep. However, you can find some pretty amazing stopping points along the way to stop and take in the views. You can also find several shorter trails up and around the slopes of the hill if you want to stay off of the main hiking trail. The base of Mount Pisgah offers its own level of beauty with seven miles of trails that will weave you through the 209 acres and riverside habitat.

Note there are fees to park in the main parking lot, and if you plan to take the main route, be sure to bring a hat and water as there’s plenty of sun on the way to the top. To avoid the sun, go earlier in the day or later at night for cooler temps. Hiking towards the end of the day will also guarantee a spectacular view of the sunset that pairs amazingly with some quality edibles. 

Alton Baker Park

Alton Baker Park has been around since 1959 and sits in the northern regions of the city. This is a great option for those who aren’t quite ready for a challenging hike. In total, the park is made up of 373 acres to explore, including a tree garden and nature area, so this is definitely one of the best parks in Eugene to pair with edibles. The large grassy areas in this park are also perfect for dog owners. Numerous paths take you throughout the park, some of which are widely known by the locals as some of the most picturesque points anywhere in the area. 

The park has several duck ponds and links to the Ferry Street Bridge that stretches across the Willamette River. While the park can be relatively busy during some hours of the day, later afternoons tend to be pretty quiet. So, you should have no issue finding a few good spots to sit, relax, and take in the natural surroundings.

Spencer Butte

Spencer Butte is a popular hiking option in Eugene, OR for good reason. From the top of the butte, you can get amazing views of the city and valley. As part of the Ridgeline Trail System, this hike offers a number of different route options of varying difficulty levels.  If you’re up for the challenge, start your hike at the 52nd and Willamette Street trailhead to take the longer route that is 5.5 miles long. If you want to take it easier, we suggest taking the 1.8 mile loop that will get you there quicker but still rewards hikers with a fantastic view.

Hiking Safely with THC Edibles

As noted earlier, cannabis and time in nature have this synergistic quality that is hard to ignore. Hiking with a bit of THC in your system can be totally rewarding, but should always be done responsibly. A few pointers:

  • Be mindful of the rules in any park you visit
  • Use edibles at home and catch a ride to hiking trails from designated drivers
  • Don’t attempt any risky climbs, trails, or otherwise while under the influence
  • Don’t use edibles and head out on a hike alone—take a friend or two
  • Keep THC consumption levels in check so you are just affected enough, not totally inebriated

Some people say low doses of THC give you a sort of “runner’s-high” feeling, and some strains definitely give you a boost of energy at low doses. So, conservative cannabis edible potencies can actually offer a better experience for a lot of hikers.

Don’t Forget to Grab Your Edibles Before You Go!

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