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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Definitive Guide to Microdosing with Cannabis

The majority of people who have any experience with cannabis know precisely what it feels like to be high. You may be totally pain-free and more relaxed than you’ve ever felt in your life, but sometimes couch lock can take over, or you may find yourself zoned in on something totally irrelevant, or overcome with the urge to eat ALL of the snacks.

As fun as those occasional experiences can be with high-level THC consumption, sometimes you just want to chill, relax, and stay focused and capable. This is what cannabis microdosing is all about.

First, what is cannabis microdosing?

Microdosing is not a new idea in medicine, even though the idea is something just starting to gain traction in the cannabis community. Essentially, cannabis microdosing involves taking in small amounts of cannabis over the course of a day instead of taking in a high level of THC all at one time. The whole idea of microdosing with cannabis is to use smaller amounts of THC to take advantage of the therapeutic effects without feeling too high or uncomfortable.

Even though cannabis microdosing is often more commonplace among medicinal cannabis users, the idea is popular among recreational users as well. Many people enjoy the soothing, feel-good effects of cannabis but need to remain functional, and microdosing can help to achieve that experience.

What dose would be considered a microdose of cannabis?

Offering a definitive dosage recommendation for cannabis microdosing is extremely difficult to do. For one, everyone’s reactions to THC can vary; what one considers a microdose may be too much for another. Two, very little research has been done to determine what could be deemed as a “micro” dose. One of the few, most recent, studies that specifically aims at determining a proper THC microdose for pain patients found that just 500 micrograms seemed to be effective for pain relief. Keep in mind it takes 1000mcgs to make 1mg of THC.

Generally speaking, microdosing should be a quite small dose of THC. Starting with a half a gram would be a good jumping off point, as a microdose tends to be just a few milligrams well within the single digits. For reference, the average smoked cannabis joint will yield about 12mg of THC, depending on the potency of the cannabis, and 10mg is often assumed to be the standard dose level for somewhat regular consumers.

What is the value of microdosing with cannabis?

Not everyone enjoys the feeling of being intoxicated, which is highly possible if you consume a standard amount of THC or cannabis. Those who enjoy the therapeutic qualities of cannabis are often major supporters of cannabis microdosing simply because they get relief for their ailments and are still capable of being functional.

For example, if someone is using cannabis for pain, they can use a microdose periodically, reduce their pain, but still be alert and functional. The same goes for people who use cannabis for therapeutic psychoactive properties, such as those who use cannabis for anxiety. With microdosing, you get a more sustained level of relief without using cannabis interfering with everyday activities or functions.

How to Microdose Cannabis

Microdosing with cannabis can be a highly personalized thing; everyone has their own perceptions of how much THC they need or cannabinoids they need to achieve the desired effects without feeling intoxicated. The goal should be to figure out how much THC you need to feel good but not inebriated in any way, which may take a little trial and error.

One simple way to figure out how much THC you need is described by a Reiki Healer interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine:

  • Abstain from cannabis consumption for a few days
  • On the third day, use only one milligram of THC if possible
  • Take note of how you feel after 45 minutes
  • Increase by 1mg of THC until you see a difference in how you feel

Once you have reached the level where you see a notable difference in how you feel, even if that difference is small, you will know what microdose is effective for you. From there, adjust upward in only the tiniest increments until you feel you have reached the best therapeutic range.

Which products are best for microdosing cannabis?

While you could always pick up a pre-roll or load a pipe and only take a hit or two only, the repeated process of lighting and putting out what you’re smoking can detrimentally affect the quality of the smoke and involve a lot of waste. Cannabis edibles are a good microdosing option because they give you a precise amount of THC per serving. For example, Retreat 25:1 CBD Fruit Gummies have only .5mgs of THC per gummy.

Tinctures are also something to consider, as you can fairly easily determine how much THC you are getting in a few drops. Vaping cannabis extracts is also an option. You are not igniting the cannabis, so you can simply take a puff off your vape periodically to get a continuous delivery of cannabinoids as needed.

Using the right product can truly make or break your microdosing experimentation. If you are looking for high-quality options to try cannabis microdosing, be sure to take a look at our selection at Moss Crossing.

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