+ When does MOSS CROSSING deliver?

Delivery hours are 10am-8pm, Monday-Saturday, Sunday 11am-5:30pm.

+ How long does delivery take?

We aim to be as quick as a lightning sloth! We hope to arrive 30 to 60 minutes after your order. Orders including Pizza items will take longer.

YES! Moss Crossing has been licensed for delivery by the OLCC.

+ Can someone else accept the order for me?

No. According to OLCC law, the individual who placed the order must be present to accept the order with proper ID to confirm the age of the purchaser. If the person who placed the order is not present, we are required to return the product to the shop and refund your payment card (if necessary).

+ Is there a delivery fee?

At the moment, we are not charging any extra fees for delivery. Minimum delivery is $30.

+ Will my neighbors know I'm getting a cannabis delivery?

We will deliver in a discreet manner in an unmarked car with your privacy in mind.

+ Can I use a credit card?

YES! Choose the debit option on Dutchie and enter the card info there. We will bring a card reader to your location and run the transaction at that time. Please have the card ready when we arrive.

+ How do we pay the OR State cannabis tax?

Oregon State Law requires all recreational users to pay 20% tax on all cannabis products. We will include those on the price of each item that requires the tax.

+ Who is able to get delivery from MOSS CROSSING?

Must be 21 years old with valid ID. Deliveries are limited to the Eugene city limits (see map) and must be at a known residential address. Dorms, hotels or any other commercial businesses are not eligible.

+ What do I do if I am an OMMP cardholder?

When ordering, put your OMMP card # and expiration date in the "Special Instructions" field and we will remove the OR Tax requirement for the transaction and make sure your amount due does not include tax.

+ Can I use my loyalty card # to get credit for delivery dollars spent?

YES! In the "Special Instructions" field, enter your loyalty card # and we'll apply the transaction to your loyalty points.

+ Am I allowed to tip my delivery driver?

YES! This is encouraged and you are able to add a tip to a credit card order or with cash upon delivery.

+ Why isn't my favorite item on the menu?

As new items are available or others are sold out, we'll keep this menu as up to date as possible. If you have questions about a specific product, give us a call at 541-636-3724.

+ Can I use this system to order from Moss Crossing and come pick it up?

Absolutely! Just change the setting from Delivery to Pickup and we can get your order ready for you in advance to avoid any possible waits at the shop during operating hours.

+ What is "Dutchie"?

Dutchie is an online ordering platform for the best cannabis dispensaries in your area. It offers a website where users can type in their address, view dispensaries available in their area and place an order for delivery or pick up. Once an order is placed, the dispensary receives, confirms and delivers the order. If you have any issues with ordering please contact Moss Crossing and we can report the problem.