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Thursday, April 15, 2021

420 2021: Ways to Uplift Yourself Safely During COVID

It’s the biggest day in weed: 4/20. The origins of 420 are always up for debate, but one thing is for certain, cannabis lovers from around the country love having a day set aside to show their admiration of the good green. From massive festivals like the Mile High 420 Festival in Denver to the traditional smoke-out at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, years passed have brought literally millions of people out in celebration.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 stole the show last year and still lingers in 2021, so getting uplifted in celebration of 420 may look a bit different again in order to  continue keeping you & your loved ones safe. No worries, though—we’ve gathered a few ideas to celebrate 420 during COVID.


Just like last year, musicians, artists, and everyday weed-lovers are creating virtual smoking sessions for all to enjoy and celebrate 420 during COVID. Weedmaps is hosting “Even Higher Together,” hosted by Snoop Dogg, which will feature everything from comedy to music. By the way, Weedmaps is also offering 420 Munchies on them, which gives you links to freebies from different dispensaries in celebration of 420 while supplies last. The Spliff Film Festival from Dan Savage has gone virtual this year, and you can view the creative and ever-entertaining short films from the 16th through the 24th. Check out Pot Guide’s compilation of virtual events for other ideas!


If you’re still intending to stick around the house on 4/20/21, there’s nothing saying you can’t have a good time. Few things are more uplifting than a personal self-care day at home and some excellent cannabis-infused products to enhance the occasion. You may want to try some THC soaking salts, some high-CBD body-nourishing lotion, and even a nice candle and your favorite pre-roll.


The Great Smoke-Out may be canceled and other large gatherings could be few and far between, but you can still find some good 4/20 events taking place in 2021. For example, the Washington Spliff Film Festival (we’re obviously fans) is currently scheduled as a live event, and you can find a list of other events listed by state on PotGuide.com.

Of course, all of these events are subject to cancellation depending on what happens to be going on with COVID in any given area. However, you are bound to find a few outdoor, socially distanced gatherings that go off as planned. If you do decide to hit up one of these events, don’t forget your mask and your six-foot judgment capabilities.


Keep in mind, restrictions on social gatherings are still in place in some parts of Oregon. However, if you want to host a small cannabis-infused picnic with just a few of your friends, you should be good to go. Now that you have access to everything from flower to concentrates, creating your own creative cannabis concoctions is a lot of fun. Or, you can simply make sure you have plenty of snacks and some good flower for guests to enjoy.

Keep in mind, we’ve got an excellent lineup of cannabis-infused edibles if you’re looking for something quick. Take these Triple Chocolate Cake Balls from Elbe’s Edibles, which happen to come in a three-pack for you and two of your friends—you can thank us later. If you want to serve up some chilled drinks, be sure to check out some of our drinks, like Classic Cola from Magic Number.


Virtual watch parties have been kinda a big deal since COVID happened. If you and your best buds (the alive ones and the green ones) want to hang out in a safe way to celebrate 420 during COVID, consider organizing a nice toke-and-show event. Here’s a good guide to help you set up your own watch party, which by the way, is easier than ever with a basic browser extension. Some of these nifty add-ons even allow video and audio chat with your friends to make things simple.


No doubt, just as many people will be looking to celebrate 420 during COVID as they were in 2020, even if those celebrations look a bit different from usual. Whatever celebratory festivities you are planning, be sure to schedule your pickup or delivery early so you have the cannabis you need to highlight the event. The friendliest joint has got you covered with in-store and curbside pickup, and free delivery. Check out the Moss Crossing menu today to get your plans in order. The majority of our sales start on the 16th so you have plenty of time to prepare!

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