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Thursday, August 17, 2023

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

As you investigate various options for pain relief, sleep improvement, mood enhancements, and more, you may come across various cannabis edibles and tinctures. Unfortunately, cannabis concentrates remain mysteries to many who haven’t yet fully explored the full spectrum of healing power that cannabis represents. The better you understand concentrates and extracts, the better-informed choices you can make when buying cannabis products to achieve your goals.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are a substance obtained by separating cannabinoids from marijuana by: (a) A mechanical extraction process; (b) A chemical extraction process using a nonhydrocarbon-based or other solvent, such as water, vegetable glycerin, vegetable oils, animal fats, isopropyl alcohol or ethanol; or (c) A chemical extraction process using carbon dioxide without the use of high heat or pressure.

Forms of Cannabis Concentrates

Recent history has shown that cannabis is part form, part art, and the various concentrate forms are positive proof that the process is evolving. There are many forms of cannabis concentrates available to consumers. Among the most popular are the following:

  • Canna butter. This is used specifically for things like edibles and infused teas. It isn’t meant to be dabbed. It is a time-consuming process that creates a richer high preferred by old-school cannabis users. It is more difficult to measure for making edibles and is generally only used in small-batch edible creations.
  • Hash. Cannabis concentrate hash creates smokable chunks that contain 40 to 60 percent of TCH potency compared to flowers which often provide 15 to 25 percent potency.
  • Rosin. Rosin can be created from the flower or concentrated hash with the same potency benefits you’ve come to expect from concentrated cannabis products.
  • Cannabis Concentrate Oils. These are commonly used in vape cartridges but concentrate oils have also been used in edibles. The flavor may not be as robust as with canna butter, but the results are more consistent and easier to measure when making edibles.

New concentrates are constantly created and used to provide greater variety for those who consider cannabis concentrates for medicinal or recreational purposes.

How are Concentrates Consumed?

Most people use items like dab rings to dab or flash vaporize cannabis concentrates. However, some are used when making edibles or added to the top of bowls. For those interested in more discrete consumption, though, they are often available in pre-filled cartridges that can be attached to batteries.

The bottom line is that there are few options that aren’t available to those who prefer a more robust THC experience by using concentrates. Whether your goal is to enjoy significant pain relief and healing or you’re looking for a potent high from your experience, concentrates are the way to go for many experienced partakers.

Are Cannabis Concentrates Right for You?

Many experienced users find that cannabis concentrates offer a “next level” experience. The higher THC concentrate is especially beneficial for those seeking pain relief from advanced pain or those interested in “purer” highs from their experiences.

Inexperienced users, on the other hand, may prefer to start small and work up to more powerful and full-bodied cannabis experiences over time. This allows you to develop your own tolerances as you explore the subtleties and nuances of different products available to you.

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Moss Crossing is dedicated to improving cannabis experiences for all our patrons. Take advantage of our daily specials that offer discounts on popular items and accessories. We also offer a loyalty rewards program and a dedicated team of professionals to help you make important decisions about your cannabis experience. Contact us today to learn more about cannabis concentrates and the wide variety of goods and products we offer. Don’t forget to join our text club so that you’re always among the first to learn about special events, products, discounts, and more.

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