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Friday, June 10, 2022

Tips for Taking the Right Edible Dosage

Cannabis edibles have been growing in popularity as consumers become savvier about curating their experience. If smoking or vaping isn’t your thing, or if you’d like to branch out and experience a different type of high, edibles are a great option! They are discreet, generally odor-free, and always delicious. The most common concern we hear about is proper dosing, and Moss Crossing is here to help guide you towards the right edible dosage for your level of experience.


Five Essential Tips to Find the Right Edible Dose for You

Learn how to figure out the best edible dose, and edibles may become your favorite way to consume cannabis too.

Step 1: Learn About Cannabis Edibles

Creative cooks are conjuring up all sorts of cannabis edibles these days. These include candy, pastries, and even some savory foods. According to GoodRx, the edible category also includes cannabis drinks because your body will process cannabis-infused drinks and solid food precisely the same way.

Typically, home cooks and manufacturers use THC distillate to add the active ingredient, but they may make cannabis butter or oil to add it to a recipe. Sometimes, these chefs might add a whole-flower extract, adding CBD, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Step 2: Learn How Various Edible Doses May Affect You

Primarily, new edible consumers should pay attention to the dosage stated in milligrams (MG) on the label of manufactured goods. For edibles cooked at home, the cooks could consider the amount of THC in the entire recipe to calculate how much each serving size contains.

For instance, if the cook added 1 gram of THC distillate to a brownie batch, dividing the pan into 10 servings would yield 100MG doses. That’s probably far too much for most people to begin a pleasant edible journey.

The right edible dosage of cannabis will depend upon your desired effects, tolerance, body weight, and other food you’ve consumed. These expectations for different doses from Leafly provide a very general guide:

  • Cautious consumers and first-timers might start with 1 to 2.5 MG. to enjoy mild pain or anxiety relief or improved creativity.
  • People with some tolerance or a desire to experience stronger euphoria symptoms or get help falling asleep may consume 5 to 10 MG. This dose may still impair coordination and may prove unpleasant for new users, which is why “start low and go slow” is our motto!
  • Folks with a higher tolerance or more body mass might work their way up to larger quantities, as high as 20 MG, to help them chill or feel relief from pain. Some people suffering from impaired GI absorption may need to work their way up to this level to feel almost anything.
  • Experienced consumers with a very high tolerance for cannabis may eventually work their way up to 50 to 100 MG, but this higher dose can seriously impact coordination and perception for most people.

Step 3: Start Low and Wait Two Hours

According to EatingWell, the best advice for beginners includes starting with a low dose and waiting at least two hours to know how that amount of cannabis makes you feel. When people smoke or vape cannabis, they usually feel the effects immediately. It typically takes hours for the body to digest cannabis. Thus, many new users feel tempted to consume more too soon. Generally speaking, the effects of an edible will hit within 45 minutes, but a slower metabolism may need a little more time.

On the positive side, the effects tend to last longer, but the time it takes to feel those effects can make dosing tricky. It might take up to three hours for the effects to surge to their highest point, so wait at least two hours before deciding if you’ve had enough to achieve your goals.

Step 4: Have Some Non-THC Munchies

A full stomach and fluids can even out the effects and make the impact of edibles more enjoyable. Still, the body needs fat to digest cannabis properly. A tablespoon or two of peanut butter or another relatively high-fat food can make the sensations more pronounced. Thus, have some snacks around to help maximize the edible experience. Besides, who doesn’t love a good snack?

Step 5: First Timers Can Consume Edibles With a Sober Buddy

Just like partiers should appoint a designated driver to get everybody home safely, a new edible user may wish to ask a friend to stick around to ensure a good trip. This friend can also make this new experience more pleasant by offering support and companionship.

What Edible Dosage Do You Need?

While some users of edibles are looking for a purely euphoric effect, they offer therapeutic possibilities too. In this case, it is important to check the CBD: THC ratio. The 1:1 ratio, or equal amounts of cannabis and THC, is often looked at as the ideal, as CBD may tame THC side-effects. This makes the 1:1 CBD: THC ratio more tolerable for new users, those looking to treat chronic stress or pain, and more. CBD is even used to treat anxiety, speaking further to its ability to calm the effects of combined THC. Lower dosages are better to start out with, though different ratios may work better or worse, depending on tolerance.

Buying Edibles for the First Time

Everybody will have a different experience with various dosages. The user’s tolerance, the way their body processes substances, and other food consumed will impact their unique experience.

The key to enjoying edibles is finding the right edible dosage, and sometimes it takes some patience to figure out. Typically, edibles and gummites offer lower doses that let new users experiment to find the best amount of THC to consume. If a cookie, piece of fudge, or brownie provides a higher dosage, cut it into smaller pieces to ingest less.

If you’re looking to try for the first time or you simply want to take a look at your options, we can help with your cannabis edible needs here at Moss Crossing. Get in touch with our friendly, expert staff to find the right product and dosage for you!

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