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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Moss Crossing Featured in KVAL News

Moss Crossing CEO and co-owner, Heidi Fiskstad, was featured in KVAL news to share her account of a rising interest in hemp following the publication of an Oregon State University study. Research showed that hemp compounds, CBGA and CBDA, can protect against COVID-19, leading some to inquire for products at their local dispensary. 

“We’ve had some customers calling in to see what we know on the subject, and to see if we have any products of that type,” Heidi Fikstad said.

Though the study is promising, the cannabis products available at local dispensaries, including Moss Crossing, do not contain enough of the acidic hemp compounds to protect against COVID-19. However, the cannabis community hopes these recent discoveries will hopefully drive interest and funding towards research on the health benefits of cannabis.

“And that’s the way that we can move forward, with cannabis being more accepted and studied more – being really honest about what is actually going on.” – Moss Crossing CEO and co-owner, Heidi Fikstad.

Read the full article on KVAL news.

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