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Monday, June 17, 2024

Best Eugene, Oregon Nature Hikes and Walks to Enjoy with Cannabis

As the green heart of Oregon, Eugene is known for its breathtaking landscapes, lush trails, and vibrant community. Here at Moss Crossing, we believe that combining nature’s beauty with the subtle, enhancing effects of cannabis can make for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a peaceful walk, we’ve rounded up the best nature hikes and walks in Eugene to enjoy while relaxing with your favorite cannabis products.

1. Spencer Butte: The Iconic Summit

For those seeking a rewarding hike with panoramic views, Spencer Butte is a must-visit. This hike is a bit challenging but offers a stunning payoff at the summit, where you can see the entire city of Eugene sprawled out below.

What to Bring: A balanced hybrid strain for a perfect mix of relaxation and focus. Try our local favorite edibles or a vape pen for convenience.

Trail Tips: Start early to avoid crowds and take your time ascending. The trail is steep in parts, but there are plenty of spots to pause and take in the scenery.

2. Ridgeline Trail: A Serene Escape

The Ridgeline Trail system offers various entry points and trails, allowing you to tailor your hike to your desired length and difficulty. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll or a more extended adventure through Eugene’s rich forests.

What to Bring: A sativa-dominant strain to keep your energy up and senses heightened. Our cannabis-infused beverages are a great, discreet option for this trail.

Trail Tips: Explore different sections of the trail over multiple visits to fully appreciate the diverse landscapes and views.

3. Mount Pisgah: A Botanical Wonderland

Mount Pisgah Arboretum is a haven for nature lovers. With miles of trails winding through lush, varied ecosystems, it’s an ideal spot for both relaxed walks and more vigorous hikes.

What to Bring: A CBD-rich strain to help you stay calm and centered, perfect for admiring the flora and fauna. Our pre-rolled joints offer a convenient way to enjoy your cannabis here.

Trail Tips: Visit the arboretum’s Visitor Center to learn about the plant species you’ll encounter and plan your route based on the day’s conditions and your energy levels.

4. Hendricks Park: Historic and Beautiful

As Eugene’s oldest city park, Hendricks Park offers a blend of manicured gardens and wild woodland trails. It’s a peaceful retreat close to the city center, making it easily accessible for a quick nature fix.

What to Bring: A low-dose edible to keep things light and enjoyable. Our cannabis gummies are ideal for a gentle uplift as you wander.

Trail Tips: Spend time in the rhododendron garden during blooming season for an extra splash of color and fragrance.

5. Skinner Butte: Urban Oasis

For those short on time but still craving a nature escape, Skinner Butte is perfect. This urban park offers easy trails and stunning views of the Willamette River and downtown Eugene.

What to Bring: A vape pen for quick, controlled doses. Choose a strain that enhances your mood and helps you soak in the views.

Trail Tips: Take the time to explore the historic landmarks and enjoy a picnic by the river.

6. Amazon Headwaters Trail: Tranquil Waters

This trail offers a gentle, shaded hike along Amazon Creek, perfect for a relaxing stroll. The soothing sounds of flowing water and the vibrant green surroundings create a serene atmosphere.

What to Bring: A mild indica strain to enhance relaxation without making you sleepy. Our cannabis tinctures offer precise dosing for just the right effect.

Trail Tips: Look out for local wildlife and enjoy the tranquility of the creekside path.

7. Dillard East and West Trails: Hidden Gems

These lesser-known trails offer a quieter experience for those looking to escape the more popular spots. The Dillard trails provide beautiful views and a sense of seclusion.

What to Bring: A hybrid strain that balances relaxation and alertness, allowing you to fully appreciate the peaceful surroundings. Our cannabis capsules are a discreet option here.

Trail Tips: These trails are less traveled, so bring a friend and enjoy the solitude.


Eugene’s natural beauty is best enjoyed at your own pace, and with the right cannabis product from Moss Crossing, your hikes and walks can reach new levels of enjoyment and relaxation. Whether you’re seeking a challenging summit or a peaceful stroll by the water, there’s a trail in Eugene that’s perfect for you.

Stop by Moss Crossing, your community-focused dispensary in Oregon, to stock up on your favorite cannabis products before hitting the trails. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the ideal strain or product to enhance your outdoor adventures. Happy hiking, Eugene!

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