VENDOR intake

In an attempt to save time and remain completely transparent, we have started by asking some questions regarding your flower and product standards. We hold very high standards for the products that we carry and would like to get a few questions out of the way before having you into the shop to discuss details in person.

Once we have been able to look over your information, we can discuss scheduling a sample drop, intake meeting or purchase. Typically we ask for samples for our staff to review prior to purchasing so they can effectively discuss them with customers.

During intake appointments with new companies we will view sale-ready flower in pound increments and determine whether to purchase based on bag appeal, shake in the bag, size of nugs, density, smell, etc..

What makes a GREAT Vendor?

  • Makes appointments and keeps appointments

  • Great communication

  • Personable and fun!

  • Great product quality

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Uses sustainable, ethical, organic practices

  • Asthetically pleasing packaging or flower

  • Carry products that match our customers' needs

Thank you!

we hope to work together in the future!