We at MOSS CROSSING strive to provide our customers with the highest quality cannabis in the state of Oregon. By purchasing solely from farms using sustainable practices, we encourage the market to move in that direction. Oregon is known for its impeccable growing conditions, making it unnecessary to use hydroponic growing methods in such a bountiful and fruitful state. We would prefer to avoid the waste and harmful water run-off from growing methods that encourage dumping and resourcing the base between grow cycles as well as introducing salt-based nutrients into our water supply.

Instead, we purchase flower from farms that use organic inputs in their soil-grown cannabis and strive to attain living-soil practices. This supports our environment and ecosystems it also produces a clean, smooth, more enjoyable smoke and high. Not only do we require cannabis to be soil-grown using only organic inputs we also only work with farms that are advancing their sustainable practices for the sake of the state and the planet.

Beyond how the cannabis is grown, we take our standards to the next level. We prefer to source hand-manicured cannabis as opposed to mass-produced machine trimmed. Shade leaf and trim are not meant to be smoked and we do not sell flower or pre-rolls that contain either. Even for our non-smokable cannabis products we do our due diligence to ensure that the cannabis that is infused into them is held to like standards.