Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Moss Crossing on Seniors & Cannabis

Moss Crossing has been featured in Cannabis Health and Calyx + Trichomes Cannabis to share insights on seniors and their use of cannabis in Eugene, OR.

“Some seniors are hippies that grew up and incorporate cannabis into all their socializing and activities,” says Heidi Fikstad, CEO and co-founder of Moss Crossing Dispensary in Eugene, Oregon. “Some are just using it quietly before bed.”

Fikstad has not yet entertained any field trip groups or cannabis classes in the dispensary. However, she states that Moss Crossing’s top applied discount is the “wisdom” discount for seniors. “What we’ve seen the most is group shopping on a smaller scale,” Fikstad states.

“The older crowd will come in with their adult children who want to show their parents that dispensaries aren’t all intimidating or scary. Or they will come with another friend that has experienced some success with cannabis.”

But she feels that cannabis use is becoming more normalized and may already be a part of the offerings of smaller get-togethers. “We are located in Eugene, Oregon, where there is a pretty large portion of the population that has been comfortable with cannabis for most of their lives. It would not be odd to see a group of seniors passing around a joint at a gathering in this town.”

Moss Crossing budtender Teal Holland sees more curiosity than concern in his senior customers. “The seniors are the real OGs! More often than not they know exactly what they need with a powerful vindication for this industry and the freedoms it allows for the people to access their medicine. It’s the middle-aged moms and dads who tip-toe in with a curious shyness, but not our seniors.”

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