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Factors to Consider to Find the Best Dispensary in Eugene

Out of more than 600 cities in the state of Oregon, Eugene ranks as number four when it comes to the number of dispensaries available. Therefore, when it comes to finding cannabis in the area, you have a whole slew of options to consider. The thing is, everything from how much you pay to how satisfied you are when you walk away relies on picking the best dispensary Eugene has to offer. So, what exactly signifies that you are dealing with the best cannabis dispensary in the city? Here are a few factors to consider.

Things to Consider to Find the Best Dispensary in Eugene

What does the selection look like?

The selection of products should be a top priority when looking for the best dispensary. Over half of the product sold at a Eugene marijuana dispensary is the flower, but other products are just as important. While pretty much any dispensary is going to give you a range of product types, some will have limited selections. For example, you may find a dispensary that has dried flowers, edibles, concentrates, and even accessories but only has a handful of flower strains available and not a lot of options among product types. The best places will give you:

  • Dozens of strain options
  • A nice collection of various types of edibles
  • A good group of accessories you may need for using products (i.e. pipes, papers, grinders)
  • Several types of concentrates and tinctures

Another thing to note when it comes to product selection, make sure the dispensary frequently updates what’s available. Some places will stick strictly with certain products, which gives you a reliable selection but not the opportunity to try more preferable cannabis products. 

Conversely, a selection that is too large and uncurated will not guarantee that you are leaving with a quality product. The best dispensaries choose brands based on quality, effect, consistency, as well as values. For example, Moss Crossing focuses on working with minority-owned businesses when possible, and carries flower vendors who grow in soil using organic nutrient lines.

Is the pricing comparable?

Check out the prices of products at any dispensary you are considering. You will find some natural price variations from place to place simply because not every dispensary works with the same growers or suppliers and some have larger markups to make a profit. The best dispensaries will offer a variety of cannabis products at varying price points to accommodate different budgets. Top-tier cannabis products will be priced higher for customers seeking the highest quality cannabis. On the other hand, dispensaries should also have more affordable options for quantity seekers that are looking to stretch their dollar. As a side note, the best dispensaries in Eugene tend to offer special savings opportunities, such as promotional codes for veterans and daily weed specials.

Who funds the operation?

This can sound like a strange factor to consider about a dispensary, but the answer will tell you a lot about what to expect as a paying customer. If a dispensary is locally owned and operated, you will likely see a pretty laid-back dispensary and more reasonable prices. Dispensaries that are funded by large outside corporations or entities tend to have strict pricing models and operational guidelines to adhere to.

Does our Eugene marijuana dispensary have a community focus?

Cannabis may not necessarily be a new industry in the state of Oregon, but it is an industry that is growing at a noteworthy rate. Some dispensaries have an eye on profits more than anything, but a select few have a community-focused operation that works to keep the cannabis industry a consistent benefit for the areas served. For example, at Moss Crossing, we support local cannabis producers every time we get the chance and do what we can to support the local economy. We also partner with and support local non-profits, participate in a pop-top recycling program, and volunteer with Friends of Trees.

As a shopper, choosing dispensaries that have this locally-minded focus means the money you spend is put back into the community. Therefore, you are also supporting the local community as a shopper.

What about cannabis education?

When you go to a dispensary, you gain access to a completely new cannabis shopping experience. You have a multitude of products laid out before you, some of which you may know nothing about. For example, you may see strains available that you have never heard of or a type of concentrate that you are unsure of how to use. The best Eugene dispensaries make educating customers a core component of how they function. They will be open to answering questions and guiding your purchase so you have the best end experience.

Does the dispensary offer convenient service options?

What kind of ordering options are available? Does the dispensary offer curbside pickup? What about delivery? These features will make it super easy for you to get what you want, check out inventory without actually going to the dispensary, and even plan ahead for your visit. Cannabis dispensaries can get pretty crazy in some areas because so many customers stop in at any given time. Order-ahead options and delivery are especially convenient for regular customers. At Moss Crossing, we offer cannabis delivery and pickup for our customers in Eugene, Oregon.

Looking for the Best Dispensary Eugene Has Available?

Not to toot our own horns (beep, beep!), but here at Moss Crossing, we’re pretty sure we’re one of the best. As the friendliest joint in town, you can count on us to make sure you get high-end service, questions answered, and the best cannabis selection—an award-winning one, in fact. If you want to have the best experience at a Eugene dispensary, be sure to check out our menu, and, don’t forget, we even offer weed delivery!

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